The US government spent 5.7 million dollars on the dimension of cryptocurrency transactions Analytics companies as Chainalysis, analysts said Diar.

Analyst firm Chainalysis recently updated results of the ongoing the whole year of the study, including indicators of August, and came to the conclusion that “bitcoin investors and speculators kept their positions all summer”: the number of bitcoins in the hands of speculators remained stable in the period from may to August, at around 22% in bitcoins in the hands of investors at around 30%.

In their study, the researchers have used the tactics and methods of the US Central Bank: “the Federal Reserve, for example, monitors various indicators in dollar supply in circulation and their relationships with important economic figures, including GDP and inflation,” analysts said.

Such studies are also useful tax and US regulators, who, analysts say Diar, has invested 5.7 million in the dimension of cryptocurrency transactions.

For example, analyst firm Chainalysis government signed deals for 5.5 million dollars, the largest of which cost the Tax administration of the United States, almost 1.6 million

At the same time, the IRS is the leader in cost blockchain Analytics among U.S. agencies:

  1. IRS, IRS – 9 contracts 2 191 835 $
  2. Immigration and customs, ICE – 9 contracts 1 537 945 $
  3. FBI – 12 contracts for 1 142 671 $
  4. Fiscal service – 3 contact 330 552 $
  5. The office for the fight against drugs, the DEA – 9 contracts on 215 333 $
  6. The Commission on securities and exchange, SEC – 7 contracts for 184 480 $
  7. The Commission on commodity futures trading, CFTC – 5 contracts on 117 372 $

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