BTCUSD: Bitcoin continues to recover after a fall. The coin is struck up level of 23.6% Fibo and is testing it from above. Moving averages ЕМА50 and ЕМА200 continue to put pressure on BTCUSD. Other indicators not yet give the signal. If the test is finished by the break of the 23.6% Fibo down, open a short position at a price of $6300. For longs wait for the refresh local highs and the break of the 38.2% Fibo. Purchase in this case, starting at $6900.

LTCUSD: Lidoine not yet managed to gain a foothold above the level of 50% Fibo. Moreover, on 4-hour chart has formed “evening star”, which indicates a correction back to the 61.8% Fibo. If it is broken down, they sell the coin at a price of $52. Long positions opened, if LTCUSD breaks up the level 23.6% Fibo, buy start at $63.

ETHUSD: the Ethereum adjusted upwards in a narrow channel. The nearest obstacle for growth is the moving average ЕМА50. If the coin is held above it, is to open small long positions with a target at resistance of $250. If the $250 is breached, long positions should be opened, starting at $260. Shorts are included at a price of $195 if ETHUSD will break support $200.