BTCUSD: Last week Bitcoin was one of the most volatile in recent months. Most altcoins are greatly diminished in price for a variety of reasons, including the fundamental. On Saturday, Bitcoin has lowered in price slightly less than 15%, while yesterday the coin has reached the level of $3500, value of October 2017. Technical indicators signal about the large rate of decline, and some of the oscillators show oversold. It can be assumed that after such a serious rate of decline, sellers will take a “break”, giving a chance for the bulls sliding movement, where it will be possible to sell the coin. We also recommend you to stand in shorts in the event of a breakdown of the $3000 support, and to increase long positions on a rebound from him.

LTCUSD: Litecoin has also undergone an impulsive wave of decline, having eased in value 16% in for the weekend. Large-scale downward trend affected not only the cryptocurrency No. 1, but many altcoins. It is noteworthy that from Litecoin MACD divergence is traced when the low price does not coincide with the minima of the indicator values. This factor can talk about the weakening pressure bears on the market. In this regard, we plan to buy the coin in the case of the rebound from $28 support, and sell also in the case of its breakdown.

ETHUSD: Pair ETHUSD, surpassing his colleagues were able to update the lows over the last 18 months from may 2017, having tested the $100 level and reaching $96. At this point, the coin manages to break the support 121 as one of the most significant in the price history of the coins, which may hint at the continuation of the bearish movement. The main technical indicators indicate a continuous downward trend, but at the same time, MACD and LTCUSD chart indicates a possible correction due to divergence. In any case, it does not prevent to try to sell a coin from the current levels with a target of $100 with a Stop Loss at $120.