BTCUSD: BTCUSD has updated the lows since early November of last year. After Bouncing down from resistance at $5650 Bitcoin fell more than 10%. The coin is badly oversold, most likely, ahead of consolidation above the support of $4500. If the bears breaks through this level, and are increasing the short position at a price of $4350. In the case of the rebound from $4500 up you can take long positions with short stop, starting at $4600.

LTCUSD: Litecoin is falling with the market. The coin is slightly slowed decrease over the support of $32,50, and started lateral consolidation. Perhaps this level will be a turn upward. In this case, expect a rebound to $35 and buy a coin with a stop under $32.50. If this support is broken down, increasing short positions at LTCUSD, starting at $31.

ETHUSD: the Ethereum also approaching an important support level of $130. A break of this level would mean updating half year lows In this case, it will increase our short position at a price of $125. Bullish convergence MACD and an oversold in the RSI suggests that a possible long-awaited reversal up. When you bounce from support at $130 buy ETHUSD, starting at $135.