The cryptocurrency market over the weekend showed a sideways trend, adding just 0.7%. At the moment the capitalization is at $140 billion Highs since the beginning of the year is very close and consolidation on current values could indicate that the market is preparing rather to increase than to decrease.


Quotes BTC remain in a narrow sideways pattern. The lack of a coherent dynamics constrains parties from taking action, which in our opinion looks quite natural. Volume returned to average values and, amid neutral news background, it helps to reduce the volatility. To talk about changing trends will in that case be the breakdown price the red line in the neighborhood of $4050 and will once again be possible to trade from purchases.


In the ETH in price movements all also there is a complete lack of ideas. There is a trend of decrease in the movements in a more global price corridor with a range of $125-$144. The news background around the coin is moderately positive, however properly price it is not reflected, therefore you can make the assumption that important movements are needed or a stronger driver, or a substantial revaluation of risks by the parties with respect to the entire cryptocurrency market. From a technical point of view, we believe that it is better to refrain from active actions until the moment of approach of the price to the lower boundary of the trading range.


XRP gradually decreases to minimum values of last week, then, perhaps we will see the price movement in the area of support ($0,30). Any trading decision, it probably makes sense to take based on the nature of activity of the participants and the dynamics of the market indicators in the district level of support. However, if sentiment in the market will change, and from the current values we see the emergence of a new short-term uptrend, such a possibility can and should be used in trade.


Price the EOS, after the upgrade minimums at the end of last week, went in sideways. Short-term trend to decline, however for a longer time period clearly shows that any coherent dynamics in the coin is not yet available, price movements are mostly random in nature. We are still in a wait and see attitude, because we believe that the conditions for future growth are still forming.


The price of LTC from a technical point of view locked in a range with a range of $58-$62. A small trial of a speculative purchase is not profitable, therefore it can be concluded that within the range of the high share of the market noise. Along with this, we should not forget that for a long time the coin was better than the market, and now the price is near the highs, so the breakout of the resistance will appear a window to build long positions in this instrument. We believe that in case of favorable coincidence of several factors, the coin has a good chance to demonstrate momentum in the coming days.