BTCUSD: Bitcoin continued to consolidate under 7122 resistance over the last trading session. As we expected, the exchange rate will react to this level and the process of accumulation will continue for a long time. Some time after the test of resistance, bears still picked up, resulting in a few hours later, Bitcoin prices dropped by almost $200. MACD indicates a weakening pressure from buyers, but still remains above the zero level that still indicates the presence of upward trends in the market. In this regard, we maintain the relevance of the previous trading signals, except the signal on sale from $6950, which was activated during the sliding movement toward the end of yesterday’s European session.

LTCUSD: Litecoin most of the day under selling pressure near the $61 resistance. The bears broke a series of impulsive movements on the part of buyers, which lasted for the last few days. To date, the price again is again approaching the $58 support, which, in our opinion, has a weight at the current position in the market. Also we will add that in the course of lowering, the price was within the borders of Ichimoku cloud, which represents the current state of the market as uncertain, indicates the presence of a lateral trend, so we are considering opening new positions depending on the results of testing the $58 support.

ETHUSD: Pair ETHUSD has also undergone a small wave of decline on the background of bearish excitement in the cryptocurrency market. Next to the $295 the sellers finally took the initiative and sent a course to test the nearest support level, namely $283. During the second wave of reduction bears stumbled on the support, the upper limit of the Ichimoku cloud, which usually occurs rarely and may be defined as a reversal formation. Konsolidiruyutsya MACD below zero, breaking it while in the middle of the European session. Alligator also points to the uncertain position of the coin at the moment. We recommend you to make transactions from $283 support, depending on the test results, from $295 and $275, in the case of the rebound and breakdown, respectively.