According to the service State of the dApps, 17.2% of the total number of decentralized applications have not been active over the last year. They were given the status “abandoned”.

December 2018 was a good month for the development of #dapps (decentralized applications). We received 179 new DApp submissions, an all time high! (1/3)

— State of the DApps (@StateOfTheDApps) January 4, 2019

On the website you can see that the platform works Ethereum dApps much more than EOS (2254 and 122, respectively). However, the number of active users applications EOS three times larger than the time-tested Ethereum.

In the following screenshot you can see that the status “active” has only 1300 dApps. In 2432 decentralized applications. Of these, 394 — abandoned.

However, representatives of the platform note that the progress in the development of new apps. So, in December, the service received a record 179 applications for enabling dApps to the directory.

Previously, cybersecurity experts from PeckShield reported that from July to November last year, hackers made 27 attacks on dApps in the ecosystem, EOS, got hold of 400,000 coins of cryptocurrency.

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