According to a survey published by accounting firm KPMG, 48% of the global leaders in the technology industry believe that in the next three years, the blockchain “likely” or “very likely” to change their business. “Unlikely” or “very unlikely” that mentioned only 27% of respondents.

In the KPMG survey involved more than 740 respondents from 12 countries, 76% of the respondents belong to the level of the Directorate of the enterprises.

In response to the question, in what areas of technology business, they expect the greatest breakthrough from the introduction of the blockchain, 27% called the process “Internet of things”, 22% — trading (for example, platforms for small businesses). 20% of respondents believes that the blockchain can reduce cyber risks, for example, authentication on a distributed registry, 18% of respondents indicated that data transfer on the blockchain will win the contract sector (payments, insurance, etc.).

The biggest problem facing businesses in the implementation of the blockchain, 24% considers the lack of evidence of applicability of technology for business, 14% mentioned the complexity of the technology, and 12% to the lack of funding. Perhaps this is why only 41% of respondents believe that the blockchain will be implemented at their enterprises in the next three years.

However, among the biggest potential benefits of the blockchain is 23% called the business efficiency, and 12% better differentiation of products and services, 9% believe that the new technology can reduce costs.

Recall that, according to a survey recently conducted by the German Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media (Bitkom), 36% of large (over 500 employees) companies in Germany believe the blockchain is the same breakthrough technology as the Internet.