Almost half of all the profits on a decentralized platform predictions Augur since its launch got one Ethereum address. Making 177 rates, unknown user got 856,5 ETH that at the market rate at the moment is about $99.7 thousand.

The tool, created by the developer of Ethereum Mike MacDonald (Mike McDonald), lets see how many bids did each user of the platform and how much he managed to earn/lose, ETH.


It is noteworthy that the second largest profit — 136,9 ETH or $15.9 per thousand — have got the account with only 14 bids. And the fourth is a kind of rating of the user needed to do 662 forecast to earn 85 ETH ($9.9 thousand).

At the end of 1334 addresses are those who unsuccessfully predicted events and losing money. Closes the rating of the user who lost an impressive amount of 1311,5 ETH (almost $153 thousand) on 80 market forecasts. The third account was very active — 1328 bets, but lost on them 282 ETH or about $33 thousand.

The Augur platform was launched in July last year, it allows you to create market forecasts in any event. For example, right now the highest amount of funds raised on the question , “would I Coinbase delisting ETH to the end of the year?”. In the first week after the launch of the most popular was the market question “will Exceed the price of ETH $500 by the end of 2018”.

A small number of users (1334 account) Augur, which platform has attracted for more than six months of work, confirms the problem of low popularity of decentralized applications. On it, for example, indicated a fierce critic of cryptocurrencies and blockchain Nouriel Roubini (Nouriel Roubini) as a cause of the inevitable collapse of Ethereum. Directory State of the Dapps about 17% DApp qualifies as abandoned.