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ABBC from Alibabacoin Foundation will soon be one of the few coins that offers reliable HD wallet with a high degree of protection of cryptocurrency that will support 8 types of cryptocurrencies, including ABBC, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Qtum, Cash, Bitcoin, and Ripple. This will allow users to instantly switch from one to the other kryptonite. Wallet HD will also support features such as face detection, feature multicrystalline storage, cryptopidae, confirmation PIN transaction, the connection to the Internet stores and also payment in cryptohalite. Users wallets will have their own secret passwords, allowing the holders of the amount of cryptocoins to take responsibility and full authority over their assets.

What distinguishes multi cryptocurrency wallet Alibabacoin from its analogues is the fact that the wallet will be available for free download with free updates and requires only an Internet connection. Another advantage of this wallet is that it is protected using advanced algorithms that prevent the risk of hacking. In addition, ABBC Foundation is also one of the first to bring facial recognition to the world the blockchain, which further reduces the risk of cracking of the purse. The company is also in the process of implementation of such features as automatic logoff wallet for a fixed time, if the user is idle and not using the app.

ABBC Foundation integrates all applications into a single database to solve the problem of mobility. For example, user accounts, transactions, user information is stored in one database, which is connected to one service that allows you to use the convenience, portability, interoperability and reuse of applications. Unlike many other wallets on the crypto-market, wallet HD Alibabacoin has a user-friendly interface. It is designed to be simple, with easy action buttons that provide quick access to common functions and commands. It has a well-organized interface that allows users to navigate easily and find various tools and options.

Purse Alibabacoin adopts and implements the blockchain technology for quality assurance, transactions, smart contracts, peer to peer global transaction, and will also serve as an open exchange platform for users. Based on the high standards of the cryptocurrency market, the wallet allows users to quickly learn and adapt to new market standards, as well as to learn how to effectively and safely manage scriptactive. While the wallet is designed to support 8 major coins, but after starting soon the company will add to the list more cryptocurrencies. Learn more about purse Alibabacoin HD on the website abbcfoundation.com.

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