Aleksandr Vinnik, who was arrested in Greece to 2017 on charges of laundering of $4 to $9 billion through the cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e, intends on Monday, November 26, to begin a hunger strike for a “fair trial.” This was announced by the head of group of lawyers of the Russian Timofey Musatov Friday.

Winnick believes that he was deprived of the right to protection in France and, accordingly, Greece. So he decided to go on hunger strike.

“Judge of the Supreme court of Greece completely ignores the work of lawyers, who can not even file a motion, it deprives them of speech and the ability to do it, and looking at the situation, Alexander realized that either a fair trial or death. Because if a fair trial is not, it inevitably deported through France in the United States, where he received a sentence comparable to life imprisonment, and this is equal to death,” said Musatov.

According to him, winnick already gave a statement about the hunger strike the Russian Consul in Thessaloniki, and that, in turn, informed the Ambassador of the Russian Federation.

Recall that the extradition of the Russian demand three countries. France accuses winnik in hacking e-mail of thousands of people and extorting from them money – money-laundering and fraud with the cryptocurrency at more than $4 billion, and Russia – fraud in the amount of 667 thousand rubles ($11 500).

At the meeting on 19 November the Supreme court of Greece, which considers the appeal on the decision of the Thessaloniki court of first instance to give Alexander winnick France, postponed consideration of this case until November 29.

According to Musatov, at the meeting of November 29 sewn again intends to raise the question of disqualification of the chief justice and other judges, because they have previously taken decision on extradition winnik in USA and can be biased.