Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin has launched a new initiative, which will increase user fees with the aim to provide stable financial support to the developers of the various clients and wallets.

About it he wrote on Friday, March 8, on Twitter:

I propose we consider supporting a community norm that the client/wallet devs can/should charge a 1 gwei/gas fee for txs sent through their wallet, we don’t try to circumvent such fees, and we support protocol changes to make such fees easier (eg. abstraction enabling multisends)

— Vitalik Non-giver of Ether (@VitalikButerin) March 8, 2019

“I propose to consider the possibility to support the idea of introducing standards for the community, providing that clients and purses can and should take gas Commission in the amount of 1 gwei when sending transactions,” — he wrote.

As suggested Buterin, even at this modest but constant fee (currently $0.01 – about 73 000 gwei), developers of purses and popular network clients will collectively receive from the community an additional $2 million a year.

He also noted that although his proposal is not mandatory, if it is accepted as the norm, the specified amount will exceed all the current grants that Ethereum Foundation allocates to the project development.

The reaction of the community was mixed. So, Ken Hodler said that in the past such a scheme tried to implement the bitcoin wallet MultiBit, but the venture failed.

Multibit tried this. It was an utter failure. Users were not willing to pay for something that was previously free. No one would upgrade. Eventually, the fee was removed. Without a good way to pay for support and engineering development on the wallet stopped.

— Ken Hodler (@bgok) March 8, 2019

“Users don’t want to pay for something that was previously free. Nobody wanted to be updated, and in the end, the Commission has been removed”, — he wrote.

However, in comments to CoinDesk Buterin insists that the community of his proposal was received favorably, and he hoped that soon this option will be included in the wallets.

We will remind, earlier this week the CEO of Parity Technologies Jutta Steiner said that after a recent hard forks Constantinople there was a technical possibility of restoring access to $62 million, which were frozen in November of 2017 as a result of vulnerability developed by the client.

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