Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin initiated the discussion about the power of “the Rothschilds,” and the veracity of multiple conspiracy theories related to this dynasty and its courtiers.

Are “the Rothschilds” actually remotely as coordinated and powerful as the conspiracy theorists seem to believe, or are they just a group of old-money socialites and all that other stuff is overhyped?

Help me learn and decide!

— Vitalik “Not giving away ETH” Buterin (@VitalikButerin) 26 may 2018.

“Is it really “the Rothschilds” is so powerful and coordinated, as proponents of conspiracy theories. Or the situation greatly preuvelichina?”, he asked a question on Twitter and Reddit.

It is worth emphasizing that under the “Rothschilds” Buterin has in mind not only the representatives of one of the most famous dynasties of financiers, but also the most influential people at the head of the existing financial system.

“I read an article about them in Wikipedia, and it seems to me that we are talking only about a few hundreds or thousands of people occupying high positions in society system of old money. If they want to produce their own [perhaps this refers to digital] currency, please — let them do it. Meet with them on a moderately free market” — written by the Creator of Ethereum.

The conspiracy theorists did not take long to wait and already left dozens of comments under the post Balerina. One of them even warned that “the Rothschilds” threatened Ethereum, because they can create their own digital currency through the “regulation” to destroy all rivals, using their extensive contacts.

Buterin he also added that in the context of mass surveillance doesn’t believe governments and corporations, because it is unlikely that their interests coincide with the interests of ordinary people, and points of centralized data collection, in his opinion, under the threat of a massive hacking and leak of private information.

Earlier it became known that the company Rothschild Investment Corp, has invested $210 thousand in the shares of the Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) is not dynasty Rothschild.