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Acne Buterin, who is the Creator of Ethereum, proposed to raise the Commission in the network in order to Finance developers on the blockchain. Investment of additional funds for awards for the transaction will create various products of high quality.

Is it possible the increase of the fee in Ethereum?

“I’m sure the norm for the community in the form of increased commissions, will be well received, but it is important to demonstrate impact in the form of high-quality software products. When users see that their money is working, all the questions about the extra costs will disappear”, — told Buterin.

Currently, the size of the permanent Commission is 0, 01 USD. Thanks to it, developers get about 2 million additional funds per year, which gives the opportunity to support startups of various sizes. Buterin sure that this approach will not only develop old projects, but will also attract new ambitious players.

The head of the Parity Technologies Jutta Steiner stated that the introduction of additional fees and hard forks Constantinople have the opportunity to restore access to lost in 2017 assets in the amount of 62 million dollars. Currently, web developers are working on various options of repayment.