Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin predicted a new global financial crisis, which caused a fresh batch of criticism from the American economist and opponent of cryptocurrency Nouriel Roubini recently called him “dictator for life”. 10 Oct Buterin posted a tweet in which he said:

I officially predict financial crisis up to 2021. Not because I possess some special knowledge or because you really think so, but because I have a chance of approximately 25% (or something like that) later to become known as “the guru who predicted the last financial crisis.”

Despite the rather obvious sarcasm, many agreed with the forecast of acne, while others reacted to it critically. Nouriel Roubini commented on a tweet:

Acne, just shut up and not talk about things you understand. You promise Proof-of-Stake from 2013, and we are still waiting for the system to be scalable, decentralized and safe. But this is impossible, as proven by your principle of the impossible Trinity.

The argument Roubini on the Protocol Proof-of-Stake Buterin said that the Trinity (trilemma) scalability refers to scalable block chain, and not to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) is different. He also added that a draft PoS ready and the team is now busy developing.

The dispute continued. Many compare Roubini with the old skeptic in the era of new technologies, and Baterina and cryptologist criticized as creators of “fake money”. In the end, Roubini called Baterina and Joseph Lubina, another co-founder of Ethereum, the criminals who created the live remainingly sale / Scam. The economist accused them of assigning 75% of the released air, so that they instantly become “fake billionaires.”