Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin called for the blockchain conference in Hong Kong, where in a conversation with Bloomberg, said that the opportunities for a thousandfold growth in the cryptocurrency space in the past.

Blockchain-the community has moved to a new stage of development, based on the distribution of real-life scenarios of using the technology instead of news among novice investors who want to invest their money in digital assets.

“Blockchain space is approaching that point, where you can see the ceiling. If you talk to the average educated person at this stage, it is likely that he heard about the blockchain at least once. It is no longer possible to something increased 1 000 times in this space,” said Buterin, adding that the marketing strategy that the blockchain projects adhered to in recent years “comes to a standstill”.

Now it’s time to develop the ecosystem of the blockchain at the expense of people who are already interested in cryptocurrencies and can use the finished products in real life, says Buterin. “Push back from people who are interested in the real application in the real economic activities,” he said.

In spite of this, Ethereum can open up great potential if the developers decide EN masse to call for his assistance as a distributed computing platform on the blockchain that allows to implement various scenarios without the mediation and counterparty risks.

On Saturday evening the price of the second largest cryptocurrency dropped to $190, where it remains at the time of publication. Strategist on the markets of the exchange of assets Bloomberg Mike Machlan expects that the rate of Ethereum could fall to $155, as it faces “increasing competition, volatile and maturing market.”

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