During the event Sessions TechCrunch: Blockchain acne Buterin expressed concern about the trend toward centralization of kryptonyte and told us a bit about the development of Ethereum. About it reports TechCrunch.

“In 2013, many were terrified that GHash controlled 51% of the hash power. Now all this is happening again and people are not talking so much about it”, — expressed his concern about acne, hinting at the obvious dominance Bitmain in the mining market.

According to him, the concentration of capacity controlled by the Chinese giant mining pools poses a threat to “attack 51%” on the bitcoin network. It is also concerned about the excessive concentration of farms in mining of crypto-currencies in one country. So, in the course of the conversation Buterin mentioned the flood in Sichuan province, which was wiped off the face of the earth local bitcoin farm.

Acne Buterin also noted that he wants to make cryptocurrency Ethereum was decentralized as much as possible. However, he noted, expressing community ideas and suggestions often run counter to his vision.

“If all this fails, then we all have to use Coinbase — expressed concerns acne, stressing that it would be “not so fun”.

After this statement there was an active discussion of decentralized exchanges and the problems associated with their development.

“I very much hope that centralized exchanges will burn in hell” — shared his revelation Buterin.

According to him, centralized exchanges exist only because it performs the role of a kind of bridge between the world of Fiat money and the scope of scriptaction.

He also criticized the projects that pay from 10 to 15 million USD only for the fact that their tokens were in the listing centralized exchanges.

In addition, Buterin noted that many projects with tokens on the basis of Ethereum was “not very successful and generally not decentralized”. According to him, some of them had only a few nodes, which were controlled by one company.

We will remind, earlier acne Buterin said that before the implementation of technology of sharding the developers of Ethereum will implement the Protocol for Casper.