A citizen of Thailand , Prinia Jaravia (Prinya Jaravijit) and his younger brother and sister Geratest and Supitcha Jaravia (Jiratpisit, Supitcha Jaravijit) declared his innocence on the charges against them charges of fraud and laundering 5564 BTC (about $24 million), enticed in 2017 from 21-year-old Finn AARNI, Saaremaa Otava (Otava Aarni Saarimaa).

At the meeting in the criminal court of Bangkok, the plaintiff brought charges against the three defendants and their six assistants, with whom they persuaded Finn to acquire shares of the company Expay Software Co to invest in token Dragon Coin (DRG) and also buy half a million shares of the company DNA (2002) Co – which he did, transferring funds in the cryptocurrency to cryptocotyle Garavito. Because the family of the Trinity subsequently acquired several land plots in Thailand and Saarimaa not received a profit, he filed a complaint with the local unit to combat crime.

The next court hearing will take place on December 24: it heard the witnesses and considered the evidence in the case.

Recall that the main suspect, Prinia Jaravia, was arrested on October 11 in Bangkok international airport where he returned from the US after his passport was revoked at the request of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. And his brother, actor Geratest Garabieta, the police arrested in August during filming. After this case of fraud the Bank of Thailand was forced to defend the cryptocurrency and explain what fraud scheme did not have a direct relationship to the digital assets.