Consulting firm Accenture has filed a patent application on hardware designed to increase the speed and security of transactions in the blockchain, says CCN.

In addition, in the application entitled Hardware Acceleration describes how Blockchain technology to increase the security of applications that support chain, which are transactions.

The application was filed on 2 August and as the representatives of Accenture, the need for this solution due to the rapid development of communication and electronic technologies, the emergence of new security threats. It is also noted that the need for safe and effective execution of complex transactions experience not only organizations but also individuals.

The authors of the application say that a higher level of security and scalability, which ensures their invention, due to the fact that the encryption and decryption of data is carried out not only at the hardware level, but with the help of the software, and is not limited to only one of these ways. Implementation of the decision may be implemented using various combinations of hardware and software.

“For example, all or some part of the implementations can be a collection of schemes that includes a CPU, a microcontroller or microprocessor, a specialized integrated circuit (ASIC), programmable logic device (PLD) or programmable gate array (FPGA). They can also be a collection of schemes that includes discrete logic or other components of the scheme, for example, analog components of the circuits, the digital components of the scheme, or both in any combination”, — stated in the description of the application.

Additionally, instructions to be executed can be stored on various storage media including flash memory and magnetic or optical disks (hard drives, CD ROM, erasable PROM, permanent memory device, memory random access).

Recall that last year, Accenture introduced a hardware solution to protect private blockchain keys.