Scheduled for 19 March krausel Celer Network was at the center of the scandal about the insider trading before today’s announcement of the exchange Binance. 27 Feb Twitter user @YeonokKang1 posted a series of screenshots from the chat in the Chinese language, where participants discussed the upcoming listing CELR on Binance.

You may or may not find it juicy but yes you should at least know how these people are doing it: in this WeChat group, someone jumped out and asked if Celer Network would be listed on Binance. Dovey Wan kinda said yes and everyone started to thank her. And in the next tweet…

— Yeonok Kang (@YeonokKang1) February 27, 2019

“Look, if talistic Binance CELR this week,” wrote Yeonok Kang March 4.

In the correspondence there is a speech about candidates for listing. One of the participants reports that the next project will be Celer Network, and references the founding partner of Foundation Ventures Primitive Davie van, and then other users begin to thank van for the information provided.

In another passage, the following message itself van:

“Learn about Theta. Learn about Celer. Binance thank you for this opportunity”.

Following today’s announcement Binance, confirmed the version of the collaboration with Celer by the exchange, Wang said that her remarks were taken out of context, and the discussion is built around several promising projects. She also said that it did not have the tokens that Celer sold in the presale, and is not a consultant on the project and about the campaign on Binance Launchpad learned from the announcement of the exchange.

It is worth noting that the screenshots presented really no evidence that this information was unveiled van. A more interesting question remains the identity of the user who first mentioned Celer in the discussion, however, it remains unknown.

Other commentators have noted that prematurely leaked message about upcoming listing on CELR Binance became the reason of heightened interest to a token on the OTC market. In agreements for the purchase of CELR, decorated in the middle of last year, presumably, it was stated that the investors agree to receive their tokens after 9 months. Although the price of CELR in dollars during the private part of the campaign was higher than in Binance Launchpad, probable pump after the listing has made the possibility of acquiring the token before the official announcement is quite attractive.

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