According to information collected two resources for tracking digital currencies Coinopsy and Dead Coins, about 1 thousand cryptoprocta have not begun to develop and completely stopped the activity after attracted funding during the ICO.

Some of these projects were scammy, other closed sites, or has ceased to engage in the code development, said of the death of the developer, malfunction cryptocell or market manipulation.

Recall that, according to the published in March of this year of the Satis Group LLC, 80% of ICO with a market capitalization from $50 million are a Scam. And only 8% reach the stage of trade tokens on the exchange. According ICOrating, almost half of the projects published on the ICO did not carry out any works prior to start of fundraising, and a majority of the issued token is trading below the price of its initial proposal. In Russia in 2017, according to RAKIB, managed to implement the 3% left on ICO projects.