Developers hardware wallet Ledger reported the bug in Chrome extension to control Ethereum assets. At the moment all users of the extension displays static Ethereum address.

There is currently an issue on the Ethereum Ledger Wallet Chrome application, showing on screen a static address (same for all users). This looks more like a bug than a compromission. Engineering is working on it, we’ll know more soon. PLEASE USE ONLY LEDGER LIVE / MEW MEANWHILE

— Ledger (@LedgerHQ) August 3, 2018

In Ledger urge customers to use only while the application is Live or Ledger wallet MyEthereumWallet.

Later it became known that the bug was implemented in the latest update the extension in which developers are urged to abandon Chrome and go completely on Leldger Live.

We confirm this is a bug in the Chrome app, coming from a side effect when we pushed an update to invite users to use the Ledger Live instead of the Chrome app. A wrong address was shown on the computer. Ledger will cover 100% of all losses due to the issue.

— Ledger (@LedgerHQ) August 3, 2018

Ledger will also cover the damages affected by the bug user.

We will remind, earlier release of Ledger Live.