A trusted Manager of the assets of the bankrupt exchange Mt. Gox , Nobuaki Kobayashi (Nobuaki Kobayashi) announced the end of its consideration of its creditors filed applications for reimbursement of funds – in the coming days they will receive information about the results of this work either by email or on the platform through which to claim.

Kobayashi also noted that creditors who still have not issued such claims, can continue to do it, but on the balance of the crypto currency exchange located 141686 142846 BTC and BCH.

We will remind that as a result of bankruptcy of the trading platform suffered 24 thousands of users. The opportunity to apply to the results locked in cryptocotyle funds were opened to private individuals in August, and corporate customers in September last year. In February, a result of the leakage of Bank documents, it became known that scriptactive Mt. Gox on hundreds of millions of dollars could be sold through a Japanese crypto currency exchange BitPoint.

The former head of Mt. Gox mark Karpeles (Mark Karpeles) a week ago was recognized by the district court in Tokyo convicted of forgery electronic financial documents and the innocent in the embezzlement of funds. However, against him remains an open production in the United States.