29% out of 3100 of the Germans interviewed in the period from late February to late March of this year representatives of the Bank Postbank, said that they are interested in crypto-currencies as investment instruments.

To the question about what sparked their interest, 60% of women and 51% men was identified as an important factor “independence from the existing financial system”. While popular scriptactive was among the Germans 18-34 years. 6% of respondents from this age group already had experience with investing in cryptocurrency, and 14% intend to purchase it within the next year.

At the same time, high profits in the industry attracted 56% of men and 36% of women. And a third potential investor said that for him the importance of anonymity.

Recall, The Wall Street Journal in January drew attention to the fact that in Germany, the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, and the German Bank, Deutsche Bank AG and Bertelsmann SE media are at the forefront of organizations seeking to apply the blockchain in their operations. In March the Federal Ministry of Finance of Germany said that bitcoin purchases will not be subject to tax, because the crypto currency is legal tender. In April, VPE WertpapierhandelsBank AG (VPE), the first of the German banks has launched a service cryptocurrency trading for institutional investors. And recently the Director for work with clients of the German exchange operator Deutsche Börse Jeffrey Tessler (Tessler Jeffrey) said that the company is serious discussion of the listing of bitcoin derivatives.