HEU-HEU-HEU! Something new! The first bitcoin started the week at $6203, at that, the weekly candle on the chart, bitcoin has turned a potential reversal in the form of a Doji with a bullish body.

Yes, we know that many prefer the terminology of visual analysis for image)

And yet, if to speak a simple language, experts with a high degree of probability assumed that bitcoin will gradually rise. Indeed, by the end of the week “digital gold” reached the level of $6700.


Regardless of the reasons which caused the growth of the cue ball…

Just finished @APompliano latest podcast with @Travis_Kling

Fantastic episode and a must listen for all my friends who use TA https://t.co/2Sb7Fj4Ft3 pic.twitter.com/MztKndvlb0

— Brekkie von Bitcoin [GIVING AWAY LÖLZ] (@CryptoBrekkie) 20 Sep 2018

…Hodler at this point looked like this:


— CryptoHumor (@CryptoHumor) 21 Sep 2018

and their cats like this:

Well take captainvalor-2018?

Crypto 2017 was Lit. from r/bitcoinmemes

It’s like comparing prices and capitalization:

BTC Dominance from r/cryptomemes

But what if the coveted “moon” is a bubble?

It’s true! pic.twitter.com/dsBK8e41la

— cryptograffiti (@cryptograffiti) September 19, 2018.

Let’s wait and see.

#crypto meme of the week#cryptocurrency #bitcoin #altcoin #MemeDay #cryptomemes pic.twitter.com/K7UFoadjBj

— Cryptosharq (@sidexblog) 21 Sep 2018

In the beginning of the week, September 17, associated with Craig Wright mining pools has received more than 50% control over the Bitcoin network Cash. But it have little effect on the attitude of traders to the coin(


— Tommy the Mustache (@tommyp408) 17 Sep 2018

Similar sentiments prevailed among the owners of Ripple…

…but on Thursday, September 20, weighted average rate of token XRP grew by 14.5%.


And the next day, 21 September, the capitalization of Ripple walked Ethereum.

The state office of public Prosecutor of the state of new York said that bitcoin exchanges are vulnerable to market manipulation and do not have standard methods of consumer protection that exist in the traditional financial markets. Oh, these attempts to ban bitcoin…

Crypto and China in one meme #cryptomemes pic.twitter.com/2boQbDsl3X

— boxmining (@boxmining) 20 Sep 2018

This week Nvidia has removed the restriction on the release of related new series of graphics cards RTX 20. According to preliminary data, dispersed RTX 2070 can give up to 85 MH/s. However, all is learned in practice.

Miners from r/cryptomemes

Most importantly, don’t forget shares his experiences:

Started from the bottom now we’re here🤣 from r/bitcoinmemes

And finally a little bit of art)

Bitcoin was born to give us light…

The Birth of Bitcoin by @Phneep pic.twitter.com/JyKVRIZSZG

Bitcoin Art Gallery (@btcArtGallery) 17 Sep 2018

…and despite the criticism…

Jamie Demon by @hodl_crypto https://t.co/XZi1HK1SaK pic.twitter.com/U78JtEZt9z

Bitcoin Art Gallery (@btcArtGallery) September 19, 2018.

…it will radically change the world.

Hyperbitcoinization by @Bitcoin_Revolt pic.twitter.com/IAlCCKvDun

Bitcoin Art Gallery (@btcArtGallery) 21 Sep 2018