43-year-old resident of Sweden Michael Salonen was sentenced by a Stockholm court to seven years in prison after he was convicted of the attempted murder of two employees of the British bitcoin exchange CryptoPay. It is reported Birminghan Mail.

In addition, Salonen has sent a number of letters with unknown white powder and a number of Swedish politicians, including Prime Minister Stephen Leuven.

As has established a consequence, in August of 2017, the man sent two pipe bombs to the address of CryptoPay, whose client he was. Fortunately, the explosive devices did not work. The exact motives Salonen, is not clear, but according to one version, he decided to send bombs after the exchange refused to change the password of his account.

“Salonen made and sent to the device, which could seriously damage and even kill, a motive of the assassination is absolutely absurd — change password. The fact that the bomb exploded is pure luck”, — said the head of the team of the counter-terrorism branch of Scotland Yard Clark Jarrett.

Salonen was arrested in may of this year at Stockholm airport upon arrival from Thailand. B his house was discovered items of explosive devices, and his involvement in the sending of letters also confirmed they found DNA traces.

It is reported that the parcel is co-founder Crуptopaу Dmitry Gunashov not reached due to address changes. According to the latter, the employees mostly work remotely, in different European countries, but the market still stepped up security measures.

In parallel, Salonen has sent letters to the powders a number of Swedish politicians. A letter to the Prime Minister was accompanied by a note with the words “You will die soon”. What does politics have to deal Crуptopaу is unclear.

Earlier it was reported that 18-year-old student from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh threatened to blow up the Miami airport due to the fact that employees of the Federal Bureau of investigation, the U.S. did not help him to recover the lost investments in bitcoin.