According to a new study by the Group, the cost of bitcoin (BTC) can be $96 000 in the next five years. A report from the Sherwin Dowlat and Michael Hodapp is only part of a series of studies on the cryptocurrency.

The document also States that from the point of view of trends of growth of the cryptocurrency over the next five years Monero (XMR) will reach $18 000, and Decred (DCR) — $535.

It is expected that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will drop to $268 due to the fact that “attempts to inherit the brand recognition and at the same time provide minimal technological advantage.” The cryptocurrency, which, in varying degrees, centralised, will be of little value. For example, Ripple (XRP) will be reduced to $0.01.

Researchers predict that by 2028 the Ethereum will lose half its market share:

Despite strong community around Ethereum, small flaws in its structure and governance can lead to conflict associated with future network upgrades (in particular, it relates to PoS).

This, according to experts, will cause an outflow ICO and token to other platforms.

The study also evaluates cryptocurrencies from the point of view of their prospects for the next ten years. The report States that total market capitalization will rise from $500 billion next year to $3.6 trillion. in the year 2028, and 90% of the value of the cryptocurrency assets in the next ten years will come from offshore deposits. The researchers closely link the future cryptoeconomy with the ability of these assets to preserve the value.