Pundi company X, a manufacturer of devices, the blockchain, has introduced a new specification to its blockchain-a smartphone which it plans to release at the end of this year.

XPhone presentation was held at the world Congress of mobile communications in 2019, held in Barcelona (MWC Barcelona 2019), this week. The new product will allow users to switch between traditional mode, supporting applications for Android, “blockchain mode”, which will provide users with access to decentralized applications (dApps), downloaded to your device.

Customers can switch one push of a button, explained in a blog Pundi X. This feature was made available through the download of as Android operating system 9.0 (OS) and the Function X based on Android Pundi.

“In the operating system of the phone, which is based on Android 9.0, you can turn on and off calls and messaging based on chains of blocks”, — said the representative of Pundi X.

First announced last year, the XPhone also supports calls through its peer-to-peer network without requiring purchase of communications services. Although a working prototype was demonstrated in October, in the latest blog post Pundi X explains that the specifications have been updated to run the model with a more powerful processor, 6 gigabytes of RAM and a number of other functions.

Blockchain-the smartphone will cost $599, which means that it will be cheaper than other solutions from competitors such as HTC Exodus 1, Samsung Galaxy S10 and Sirin Labs Finney. However, according to the web site of the company, will go on sale in only 5000 only smartphones. Currently, the company plans to release the new product at the end of 2019, although a specific date has not been announced.

In addition to Pundi X, at the world Congress of mobile communications 2019 introduced their new products also HTC and Samsung, as well as the company Electroneum, which this week announced a budget smartphone with the possibility of mining.