New more powerful ASIC miner from Miner Baikal, which supports several algorithms for mining , new miner BK-G28 is a more powerful successor to the previous model BK-X, which the company sold until recently. New BK-G28 is almost 3 times faster from performance point of view for all supported algorithms and adds support for Groestl on top of the already supported other algorithms. With miner BK-G28 you can get up to 28 GHS on X11, Quark, Qubit, and Myriad-Groestl, Groestl and Nist5 with different energy consumption. Baikal Miner is already taking orders for the new equipment, although they still do not refer to the official price of the device.

Currently this is the most interesting and profitable choice for the new BK-G28, which will be used for the Groestl algorithm, however, a large number of these ASIC-Minero easily reduce profitability in the shortest possible time.