On the territory of the Bratsk industrial Park in the Irkutsk region will be built data center. In the city of Bratsk declared that the investor is willing to invest in the project for the construction of enterprises 2 billion.

Currently specialists of the company-investor engaged in the reconstruction of the industrial complex in the industrial Park.

Speaking at a meeting of the Committee on budget, taxes and Finance, the Deputy mayor of Bratsk Larissa Artalova said that the launch of the data center will create new jobs in the city. In particular, 35 people will be able to get a job there. And the company-employer will pay taxes not only for employees of the center, but also for the use of land.

In parallel the municipality has set itself the task to encourage high-tech enterprises to establish their representative offices on the territory of the local industrial Park. At the same time, the Deputy mayor refused to call a company willing to Finance the construction of the data center, and did not tell about the capacity of computer equipment which it will install.