The Spanish company shEOS has provided a platform that allows you to transfer tokens between standard ERC20 blockchain of Ethereum and EOS. It clarifies ChepiCap with reference to the press center shEOS, it is now possible to transfer coins from one blockchain to another while preserving their functionality with the Protocol EOS21.

The platform is still under development, but already now it allows you to send tokens ERC20 quickly and safely. The essence of the Protocol is that when translating from one blockchain to another platform the coin is burned, and the second appears. This scheme prevents the risk of cloning of the assets.

In a statement the team shEOS says:

Recently it has become apparent the importance mezhblokovogo connection. Each user of the blockchain should have maximum flexibility in the transfer of tokens. The new Protocol simplifies the process of sending coins to a recipient and improves the compatibility between nodes of the block chain.

Network EOS21 will be the link between cryptocurrency platforms. Spanish startup is already working to create a similar product for Ripple and Stellar.