The British security service G4S has started to offer a service for offline storage of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets.

G4S is included in the FTSE 250 index (capitalization-weighted index composed of companies ‘ shares, which took place from 101-th to 350 th in terms of market capitalization among the largest companies on the London stock exchange) and provides services in the field of security, including personal security, transportation of large sums of money and prisoners in 90 countries.

Now, the list of services added to the service for the storage of cryptocurrency assets.

As stated by chief risk analyst G4S Dominic McIver, the company moves the asset off-line and divided into “fragments”, which are independently from each other retain their value. G4S holds the crypto property in the “protected vaults that are inaccessible to the cyber criminals and armed robbers”.

“Access to these sites is limited due to several security levels and reliable protocols. Only when all fragments are combined by using a unique technology, it is possible to access the assets,” added Dominic McIver.

He also noted that initially the creators of the cryptocurrency was planning to change the fundamental architecture of money. Now, I am sure Dominic McIver, kryptonyte along with the traditional financial system is exposed to various threats, fraud, market manipulation, and theft.

“Our innovative solution helps you to protect yourself from these threats. Due to this, people and businesses can have peace of mind knowing that their scriptactive safe,” he said.

Access to the service G4S can be obtained after passing a series of tests. The conditions and details of service were not disclosed.

We will remind, in may, the bitcoin startup BitGo has introduced a new service for the safe storage of crypto-currencies.