Network Monero will be soon created a new Protocol for digital assets called Tari, according to CoinDesk.

According to the creators of a new Protocol, Tari will be focused on the token “unique characteristics” that contains information about rights ownership (for example, loyalty points or virtual goods). Also, the developers note that their Protocol will allow issuers of digital assets to participate in the secondary market.

In creating the Tari will participate Monero lead developer Ricardo’s Spanyi. On the project site noted that the new Protocol will support “all kinds of digital assets” and is capable of handling “many thousands of transactions per second”.

“If you have no confidence requiring a distributed system that supports tokens with a certain set of properties, now the rules are changing, because now users will be able to trade in such digital assets”, — say the developers.

Also, representatives of the new project said that they won’t position your product as the new “competitor Ethereum”. According to them, targeting specific use cases protocols and networks can be far more useful universal solutions.

Recall that in March this year, the Chinese giant, introduced Bitmain ASIC miner Antminer X3 for cryptocurrency-based algorithm CryptoNight, such as Monero.