The second largest capital Bank of Oman BankDhofar announced the launch of cross-border transfers through its network of RippleNet through the app for mobile banking.

In a statement, the Bank argued on Twitter that he has become the first financial institution in the region, which provided “instant global transfer via mobile banking”. The Bank reported that it has successfully completed a transaction to India in less than 2 minutes.

We are Proud to be The #First Bank in The Sultanate and one of the first in the region to Provide International Instant Transfer through #BakDhofar_Mobile_Banking_Services App pic.twitter.com/4tJatbLH4y

— BankDhofar (@BankDhofar) February 14, 2019

News confirmed the managing Director of Ripple in South Asia and the MENA region Naveen Gupta (Navin Gupta).

“Congratulations BankDhofar — continue to live in RippleNet. Now the Indians non-resident (NRI’s) living in Oman can send money home in real time via the Application,” he wrote on Twitter.

Congratulations! to Bank Dhofar – Live on Ripplenet. Now Non Resident Indians (NRI’s) living in Oman can App money back home in real-time. #bankdhofar #ripplenet @Ripple pic.twitter.com/HBbSGh6tQD

— Navin Gupta (@navinblockchain) February 17, 2019

Despite the statement BankDhofar of primacy in the launch of international transfers on RippleNet in the region, earlier the national Bank of Kuwait (NBK), one of the largest in the country, announced the integration of in service of the NBK Direct Remit of instant transfers to Jordan through a network of RippleNet based solution xCurrent. Financial company Finablr of the UAE announced that its brands UAE Exchange and Unimoni will work with Ripple for sale on the blockchain money transfer to Thailand.