On 6 July the lawyer of the Russian specialist cryptocurrency Alexander winnick Timofey Musatov has told RIA Novosti that the Greek court tried behind closed doors to take the decision to extradite his client to France. Writes Asia Times, France has addressed to Greece with a request for extradition on June 27.

Vinnik were arrested in Greece in July 2017 at the request of the U.S., where he is accused in laundering of $4 billion to $9 billion According to the American investigation, the Russians helped in laundering the funds illegally manipulating accounts cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e, one of the managers which was. In 2017, the FBI seized the servers of BTC-e in the case of money laundering and arrested the account of the exchange. At the same time, Greece was arrested winnick. A few hours after his arrest, the us authorities awarded BTC-e to a fine of $110 million, stock exchange Representatives claimed that are not affiliated with Russian. Subsequently, the exchange was back in business under a new name WEX.

In addition, Americans believe that winnick was involved in the collapse of the exchange Mt. Gox: that he, stealing out of funds, laundered them through BTC-e and tradehill’s us site. Also in the United States of a Russian suspected of involvement in several other crimes, all we are talking about the 21st episode of criminal activity. The issuance winnik achieves and Russia, where initially he was accused of fraud for 800 000 rubles (about $12 700).

For its part, the French police believe that in the period between 2016 and 2018 winnick stole money from 100 people in six French cities. According to them, even being in a Greek jail, he had access to the operations at the site of the former BTC-e and continued their fraudulent scheme. Thus, in France winnick charged with “cyber-crime, legalization of proceeds from crime and participation in a criminal organization”. The court of Paris issued a warrant for his arrest.

Lawyer winnik Musatov told reporters:

Two hours ago in Thessaloniki a meeting of the court in the case of the results winnik at the request of France. The meeting was organized with gross violations: it was not notified lawyers or our client. The court tried to give winnik in an expedited manner, existing between the countries of the European Union.

According to the lawyer, he and his colleagues have not even filed papers on French request. Musatov claims that his client said as if taking examine the documents, and carried the convoy, and separate by a special escort of 15 people. When the court session it became known to the defenders, as told Musatov, “one of our lawyers appeared in court and disrupted the meeting as absolutely illegal.” According to the lawyer, the next session is scheduled for July 11.

Winnick’s lawyer said that his client was ready to appear before the court only in Russia. In may of this year at home against him was initiated a new criminal case on fraud in the sphere of computer information, committed in especially large size, after which Vinnik wrote to the Russian consequence of surrender and expressed willingness to testify. July 6, Russia appealed to Greece’s re-extradition request.

Another lawyer of the Russian, Ilias Spiliadis, commented:

Arose a legal conflict. It is unclear what the demand for extradition must satisfy, since there are two international request and one European.