Cryptocurrency exchange Binance this Tuesday ahead of the schedule in test mode opened public access to its decentralized platform Binance DEX, which is available at

Less than 24 hours remain until the launch of the #Binance chain (@binance_dex) Testnet!

Read up on the FAQ to get a head start:

— Binance DEX (@Binance_DEX) February 19, 2019

To start trading, users are prompted to create a new wallet using the Keystore file and password or to unlock your existing wallet, using Keystore-file, hardware wallet Ledger mnemonic phrase or private key. Also the platform is available in the “view-Only”.

For admission test BNB user must click on the link where it has to account at least 1 BNB he will be given the opportunity to replenish the account on DEX.

Having done the necessary steps, the user enters the interface DEX, largely repeating the main trading platform Binance.

The rate of the BNB, meanwhile, went up by updating its historical maximum in the pair with bitcoin, established in June last year.

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