Tuesday, November 20, in the Federal district court for the Northern district of California was filed supplemented with a class-action lawsuit against the largest American cryptocurrency company Coinbase, which contains the “false” statements when listing the latest Bitcoin Cash in December 2017 and other details of probable insider trading, according to CoinDesk.

The plaintiffs argue that the exchange deliberately created the conditions for the Pampa Bitcoin Cash and allowed a limited number of traders to sell at the best price.

“As a result of the individual defendants and Coinbase has allowed the company to earn a substantial Commission on the trade operations, receive immediate benefit from the spread in the bloated price of Bitcoin Cash, and also to avoid the influx of sellers through the close of trading in a few minutes after their discovery. Only some insiders are allowed to sell at a higher price,” — said in a lawsuit.

Recall, on the background of the listing at the Coinbase rate of BCH in just 48 hours soared by 130% — from $1865 to $4300. Trading was suspended after just four minutes after the start.

Then, bitcoin enthusiast and take albert Renshaw published remote correspondence on the forum /r/Coinbase the day before the listing BCH, where an unidentified user under the name mukiva2 warned traders about an upcoming event, citing a source in the company.

While Coinbase internal investigation found no evidence of insider trading, and at the end of October, the Federal district court for the Northern district of California dismissed one of the lawsuits against the company [March 2] in the absence of legal grounds for its consideration.