A newly discovered bug in code of bitcoin was involved in a test network, which developers use for the various tests. The main bitcoin blockchain is not affected. This writes Trustnodes.

On Wednesday someone released the test network such a unit, which allowed him to spend 0,1 BTC twice:

As you can see in the image above, the transaction of 0.1 BTC was duplicated, translated 0,099 BTC, and BTC 0,101 paid as a Commission that eventually gave 0,2 BTC.

Such an operation could be done in the core network of the cryptocurrency, yet the developers have not released the latest update that removed the bug.

Likely, some participants of the test network is still not switched to the new version, which to the present time from one circuit already formed two. It looks like the block in neosnovana blockchain Explorer:

It displays only 2 transactions. In updated Explorer, we see a block with the same number, but completely different content:

In addition, the blocks with the same number was released in two circuits with an interval of one hour. This means that the repetition of an identical situation in the main blockchain, all users who sent transactions in this period would have received their coins back, and the recipients would be left with nothing.

Explorer blockchain to date, updated information relevant to the unit, and transactions that used to appear as proven, and now was unconfirmed:

Fortunately, the bug was involved only in a test network and deleted from the client of bitcoin, after staying there for 2 years. The Bitcoin Core developers are still avoiding public comment, after reporting the discovery and elimination of vulnerabilities last week.

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