The authors of the new bill proposing changes to the Tax code of Ukraine concerning the taxation of operations with virtual currencies, suggest that the introduction of the corresponding 5% tax for individuals will bring to the state not less than 1,27 billion annually in the period up to 2024. These figures are given in the explanatory note to the document, which was registered in the Verkhovna Rada and today went for review to the Committee on taxation and customs policy.

The authors of bill number 9083 began more than 20 deputies from different factions, aiming to withdraw from the shadow market operations held by the Ukrainians scriptactive 98.7 billion, to replenish the state budget by raising taxes radically new form of income of natural and legal persons and to stimulate the development of the market of virtual assets in the country.

“Ukraine finally became seriously engaged in competition for status comfortable crypts of the country. Was the long-awaited law (while the tax part of it) has already been developed, calibrated, taking into account our realities. Ukraine is positioned not as CryptoAPI, but has all chances to become one of the most understandable for cryptoeconomy jurisdictions.

Briefly about the provisions of the act – 5% on transactions in the crypto-Fiat and crypto-commodity. And for that any business opens a Bank account and work in peace. In the current heavily regulated world it is very tasty!

Now keep the fists on its adoption”, – wrote on his page on Facebook, managing partner of law firm “Yuskutum” Artem Afian.

We will remind, more than a month ago one of the authors of the bill, MP Alex music, said that tax at a concessional rate of 5% on the difference between the sales price of the cryptocurrency and documented the cost of its purchase (cost of mining) is proposed to implement in the period from 2019 to 2025 In addition, for carrying out operations on withdrawal of scriptaction in Fiat and buying with their help of goods and services for individuals also provides for the payment of the military tax in the amount of 1.5%.