90% of employees one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, prefer to receive their wages in tokens Binance Coin (BNB).

This was told in my Twitter account Michael Arrington, managing Director Arrington XRP Capital, after a meeting with the President of the exchange Campana Zhao in Liechtenstein earlier this week.

Just one of the interesting things @cz_binance told me this week at @lcx event: 90% of binance employees choose to receive their salary in BNB tokens. Smart people.

— Michael Arrington (@arrington) August 18, 2018.

Although receiving salaries in bitcoin might seem incredibly risky decision, BNB, perhaps one of the best alternatives to traditional salary.

Despite the massive pressure on the market overall, BNB, showed relatively good results and this year rose about 15%. A record high was $ 24.91 dollar in January this year.