Talk about six upcoming events that can lead to positive sentiment in respect of the participating coins.

Holo (HOT) — closed alpha testing

Detailed information about the upcoming closed alpha test can be found in a message on Github. This is the first step to get developers to work on Holochain using programming languages Nodejs and Rust.

Holo have been strong the previous quarter, and it stopped falling in December, and by February has recorded a 230 percent growth in three months.

There is every chance that we miss this time, but after HOT decreased by 12% over the past three days, may occur another leap ahead in preparation for the test network.

Date tested: February 28, (POE) — metadata framework e-books

Described as the blockchain Protocol for “ownership of the content discovery and monetization in the media”, is going to release a version blocking ISBN codes. They will apply to electronic books with the aim of becoming a provider of metadata for the digital industry publications. was recently mentioned in a new review of the role of the blockchain in this industry in the Columbia Journalism Review.

POE takes 218 place for market capitalization and declines over the most part of time of the quarter. This week that trend has changed somewhat, since a token based ETH increased by 5%, and the volume increased from 200 000 to 1 million $.

Launch date: February 28,

Digitex Futures (DGTX) — sale of tokens from the repository

The first round of tokens sale DGTX at discount prices is planned to start early next month.

Tokens DGTX has doubled since December, and then fell again twice in January. During the last seven days, grew by more than 12%.

Sale date tokens: 1 Mar

Skycoin (SKY) — the launch of the network Skywire Mainnet

Skywire aimed at eliminating the dominance of the centralized payment server, such as BTCPay that Skycoin sees as the coming threat to freedom of expression. The decision Skycoin is a combination of portable hardware processors and technology Mesh.

Momentum was chasing SKY for the past two weeks, it soared to 24% growth before subsequently cool down.

Mainnet launch date: March 4,

Pundi X (NPXS) — remuneration rates

The mechanism of betting in Pundi X includes monthly payments, depending on how long your funds are placed.

Looking for a three-month schedule, NPXS shows a strong reversal in mid-January. Since then token has grown by 84%.

Start to start: March 9

GameCredits (GAME) — launch the game store

In mid-March, the planned launch of the store playing computer games GameCredits where customers can buy PC games using coins GAME. Benefits include discounts, no KYC checks or ID, as well as remote access to Fortnite, Battlefield 5, Far Cry New Dawn and many others.

GameCredits is 328 th place in terms of market capitalization and could be sold on Upbit, Bittrex, Poloniex and Bitbay. Take a look at the daily chart of the GAME for the last twenty hours.

The launch of the store: March 15

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