A Chinese court has sentenced engaged in mining man to imprisonment for stealing electricity. It clarifies Twitter account cnLedger citing local media, the judge sent a man named Xu Xing Hua in jail for 3.5 years. In addition, the miner has to pay a fine of 100,000 yuan ($14 500).

According to investigators, the convict was engaged in mining for several months, but was able to produce only 3.2 bitcoin and its profit is $1500.

In their work they used 50 devices, models which law enforcement agencies have not yet named. The prosecution provided the evidence to prove that the convict in 2017 illegally connected to the power supply system of the plant in Shanxi province and used the electricity to ensure the operation of mining equipment and fans. The damage amounted to 104,000 yuan.

In China mining digital coins is very popular, despite the ban cryptocurrency trading. Many Chinese companies invest in the start-up of mining centres in other countries where local laws are more liberal.